Face Mapping: What Your Breakout Is Trying to Tell You

Does your skin breakout in the same part of your face time and time again? According to the ancient Chinese tradition of face mapping, where you experience skin problems is directly linked to your inner health. So that pesky spot that keeps reappearing on your chin could indicate that your kidneys in fact needs a helping-hand – here’s what it all means.

Face mapping enthusiasts believe that the forehead reflects the health of your nervous and digestive systems. Breakouts across your forehead typically indicate stress, so try to indulge in some relaxing practices like yoga or meditation. And to aid with digestion drink your daily dose of water and add more whole grains, fruit and vegetables to your diet.   

If you’re experiencing problem skin in the middle of your forehead, between your eyebrows, there may be an imbalance in your kidneys, stomach or liver. Cut down on drinking alcohol, eating rich food and smoking, as these habits can strain these systems. And look out for intolerances like dairy and wheat.  

Practitioners believe that the nose is a reflection of the rest of your respiratory system, mainly your lungs and heart. Check your blood pressure and opt for low GI foods if you have acne here. And switch meat, coffee, alcohol and spicy foods for lighter alternatives. 

Chinese medicine often refers to the left and right sides of your body. If pimples are popping up on your right cheek, your lungs may need a helping hand. Regular cardio and breathing exercises can strengthen this organ, and don’t smoke! The right cheek is also linked to sugar-intake so cut back on the cookies.

The left cheek is connected to your liver, so avoid alcohol and fatty foods if you’re experiencing breakouts here - a healthy diet and lifestyle will help your liver do its job right.

Problems in this area may suggest an imbalance of the small intestine, avoid very cold drinks and keep a food diary so you can eliminate the triggers of flare-ups.

Your spleen, digestive system or kidneys might be the culprit of these skin problems, so make sure your diet is healthy and your lifestyle is active. Spots on your chin can indicate a hormone imbalance, particularly when they appear close to your period – see your dermatologist who may be able to advise on treatment.

Blemishes here can be linked to your intestine and colon so eat a high in fibre-diet and drink lots of water. This can also be linked to dental issues, so make sure you take good care of your teeth. And finally, like the chin, an “acne beard” can be linked to your hormones – see a dermatologist if the problem persists. 

“In addition to a healthy lifestyle, a skin care routine that targets your specific concerns, is an essential way to keep your skin healthy. Keeping your phone and makeup brushes clean, avoiding touching your face and using clean hands to apply your skin care products may be a quick-fix for spots on your cheeks. And if you get a sudden outbreak make sure it’s not a reaction to any of your products – this can be quite common. Long term acne sufferers, should always seek the help of a dermatologist who will be able to help them treat the root of their problem.“

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame