Tips of the Month: How to Smell Good All Day

Our body is covered with thousands of bacteria. When they feed on the protein and fats in our sweat, we start smelling very unpleasant. The bad news is we can`t stop sweating – that wouldn`t be healthy anyway. The good news is we can keep smelling good. How? Read on to find out!

Wear cotton
Cotton is an absorbent and breathable natural fibre. Natural fibres let your skin breathe. On the other hand, synthetic fibres, like polyester don’t let your skin breathe. And these types of synthetic fabrics hold odours even after washing.

Shower daily
Hot and long showers can dry out your skin. Scientists recommend one or two-minute showers in lukewarm water, focusing on the armpits and your feet. If you`re planning to shower twice a day, make sure you use a gentle cleanser.

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Drink enough water and eat healthy
Drinking more water adequate amounts of water each day help your body function normally and eating more fruits and vegetables, and less meat and fast food, can result in less fuel for odour-causing bacteria.

Remove armpit hair
Shaving your armpits results in less space for bacteria to breed.

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Place a bar soap inside your closet
This tactic works great to prevent odours in closets. Your clothes will smell fantastic!

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Take proper care of your feet
Keep your toenails short and clean, and never forget to dry your feet well after they have been wet.

Pro tip: Foot sprays have properties that help eliminate the foot odour. Spray it all over your feet and inside your shoes.

Use deodorant
Deodorants prevent odour, while antiperspirants protect against sweat and odour. Pro tip: Applying deodorant in the evening and leaving it on overnight has a more long-lasting effect.

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