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Becoming more sustainable

For us, Environmental Wellbeing is the connection we have with our immediate surroundings and the natural world.  
It encourages us to develop a positive relationship with our environment and to respect nature and people.  

Respecting nature starts by truly valuing what it provides, such as clean air and water, a stable climate, fertile soil, and rich biodiversity. In practice, this means working towards deforestation, limiting the pollution of air, land and waterways, de-carbonising our demand for energy, fuel and ingredients and driving demand for environmentally responsible products.  

Our efforts to become more sustainable focus on three main impact areas:   

• Protecting our Climate  
• Preserving our Forests   
• Caring for our Oceans and Waterways  

All underpinned by Social Responsibility. 

Want to know what else we do to make your beauty products more sustainable?