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Tender Care
Protecting Balm with Peppermint Oil
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Multi-purpose balm that hydrates, softens, and protects dry lips and skin. Formulated with caring and reinvigorating Peppermint Essential Oil. The soothing formula instantly cools and relieves dry skin.
Features refreshing Peppermint oil
Soothes, softens, and protects dry lips and skin
Refreshing minty scent


Multi-purpose balm that hydrates, softens, and protects lips and skin. Specially formulated with Peppermint Essential Oil, which is renowned for its caring and reinvigorating benefits to the skin, as well as its ability to offer protection from harmful free radical damage. The soothing formula instantly relieves dry skin thanks to its cooling and refreshing properties.

For soft, nourished skin:

  1. Using your fingers, apply Tender Care Peppermint to dry skin, including lips, elbows, knees, knuckles, cuticles, noses, eyebrows and more!
  2. Apply Tender Care Peppermint as often as you like – anytime, anywhere.
  3. Make sure you always have one with you - in your handbag, at work and on your nightstand!


Beeswax is a natural wax emollient, produced by bees and beloved by humans for its all-round wonderfulness. A by...
Peppermint Oil

Mint is famously known for its ability to provide you with delightfully fresh breath, but did you know that it’s also a star at revitalising your skin? It’s true! This fragrant, mighty herb is packed with vitamins, sugars, and flavonoids (an antioxidant component that helps protect your skin against harmful free radicals) – all of which help to nourish, hydrate, and reinvigorate dry lips and skin. On top of that, Peppermint essential oil contains high levels of menthol which, thanks to its soothing properties, can help to relieve dry lips and skin with its cooling and refreshing effects.


A precious gift from the generous honeybee, beeswax is a byproduct of the pollination process and has long been renowned for its soothing, softening and caring properties – in fact, it is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients in the world! It is believed that this all-natural wax was included in of the first ever cosmetic creams, in part due to its incredible ability to soften the skin. This is still the case today. Beeswax continues to be a key ingredient in skin care products, helping to protect the skin and keep it hydrated and healthy-looking. It truly is the bee’s knees!

Blend of Emollients

Emollients help to protect the lips and improve the skin barrier function, while also providing intense moisture. The special blend of emollients found in Tender Care Peppermint Oil form a protective and nourishing film on the lips. This help to prevent water loss, so that lips feel hydrated, nourished, and smooth.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps to care for and protect the skin by neutralising the potentially damaging effect of free radicals. It also works to hydrate the upper layers of the skin, reducing dryness and keeping skin soft and comfortable.

All Ingredients
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