Lip Love – fresh faced with statement lips is the major make-up trend for spring

We see it everywhere this spring; the radiant, ‘barely there’ make-up paired with a statement lip in any colour. To get this divine look, it’s great news that the hybrid make-up trend, where make up meets skincare, is here to stay. No need to compromise, here is how to create a fresh, yet sophisticated make-up look that includes both colour and care and puts your lips in focus.

Touch base
Start by gently applying a small amount of foundation to your face. Using your fingers or a small Precision brush will help you control the coverage. Remember, less is more for a healthy and transparent look. Embrace your skin (yes, even the flaws!) by letting it look radiant and alive. A concealer will help you cover up smaller areas that need some extra care.

Set the foundation by adding a touch of sheer powder only to critical areas; mid-forehead, tip of your nose and chin – skip your cheekbones allowing your natural glow to shine through.

Enhance your features
Treat your lashes nicely by using a nourishing mascara adding just enough to look awake and fresh. The same goes for your brows, subtly enhance your natural colour and tame them using a brow pencil and brush. To add glow and highlight your face, we like to use a dewy cream stick on areas like the highest point of your cheeks, along the bone of your nose and a tad just below your eyebrows. Using your fingers when applying will warm up the stick and add a nice, bespoke feel to the routine.

Statement lips
And so, to the point; the easiest and most trend tuned make-up for spring 2021 – the statement lip. Top picks for colour this season? Pinks and berry shades are trending or go classic with Iconic Red. Right now we are loving the GG Iconic Lipstick, a highly pigmented and nourishing lipstick, that will leave your lips hydrated and protected. No more compromise, this is a trusted little friend to keep in your purse every day.

Using a buffer, apply a thin coat of foundation on to your lips followed by a sprinkle of lose powder. Gently apply the lipstick, feel the smooth, silky texture and see the rich, luminous colour come alive in just one glide.

Et voilà! An on trend make-up look that cares, while you enjoy spring.