Top 5 things you need to know about lip plumpers

If you're looking to quickly pump up the volume of your lips with minimal effort, swiping on a lip plumper lipstick is the easiest way to maximize your pout for that ever stylish full-lip look. Read on to learn about all-things lip plumpers.

Who doesn’t want a fuller, smoother looking pout? Voluptuous lips are the trend that seemingly never goes out of style. But what are they and how to they work? Are they safe to use? Here’s our guide for getting fuller, plumper lips in an instant.

What are lip plumpers?
Lip plumpers are available in all sorts of formats such as gloss, balm or a full coverage lipstick. They’re made with ingredients that very mildly stimulate the skin, increasing your lips microcirculation which helps make them look naturally fuller and plumper.

How do lip plumpers work?
Lip plumpers are made pretty much the same with way as regular lipstick but include active ingredients that temporarily cause plumping and enhances the size of your lips.

Our new high-tech THE ONE Colour Stylist Super Pout lipstick uses Instant Plumping Technology, a specialised gel that contains Vitamin B3 and caffeine which stimulates lip microcirculation. When you apply, it acts directly within the natural structure of the lips increasing the surface area of them, to make them look bigger and fuller, with more contour and definition.

We also took it up a notch, including an Ultra Créme Star Complex which are star-like pearls that add a touch of soft luminosity by reflecting natural light from every angle of your lips. This creates an instant optical volume effect as you apply, hello gorgeous!


What to look for in a lip plumper
Look for long-lasting (who’s got time for touch-ups?) that boost your lips with gentle ingredients such as Vitamin B3 and caffeine. Try to find a plumper that is also is super hydrating, as this will give your lips a smooth, luscious look.

What can you expect from a lip plumping lipstick?
Different lip plumpers show different results, some work for 30 minutes and others, are more long-lasting. When applying, lip plumpers should never sting or be painful, but expect a tingling sensation as the active ingredients increase microcirculation and start to work.

When we tested THE ONE Colour Stylist Super Pout lipstick on a panel of volunteers, this was some of the amazing feedback we received (we’re so proud!):
“Beautiful colour and it does gives a lip plumping effect! Would recommend!”
“Always made my lips feel full and luscious!”
“The lipstick felt hydrating and long lasting!”

How to apply a lip plumper?
Apply directly to bare lips, just like a regular lipstick. Begin application in the centre of the cupids bow, moving outwards towards the edges. Swipe across your bottom lip to complete your look. Remember, you may experience a gentle tingling sensation when you apply, which just means that it’s working.