5 Must-Haves for Summer Skin

What's the secret to flawless summer skin? Our Editor, Sanna Franklin, has the answer and is sharing it with us! These are her five best product picks for soft skin.

I have tried all Oriflame skin care brands, and found that the NovAge Ecollagen range works best for me. I’ve invested in the whole set, and am religious about performing all the steps morning and night.

I start by cleansing, then toning. After that I roll the eye cream around my eyes. Then I finish my routine by applying serum and a moisturiser (day or night cream - depending on the time). In summer-time I use the Ecollagen Wrinkle Smoothing Day Cream Light since my foundation already contains SPF!


It’s not unusual to get oilier skin and more breakouts in summer. I counteract this by using a cleansing brush to deep-clean my pores without harsh abrasion or chemicals. The fact that this tool helps to remove so much more makeup and dirt than manual cleansing, enables my skin to absorb products better and be more receptive to their ingredients.

In winter my skin dries out easily, so I slather on oil at every chance I get. But in summer I only blend some of the EcoBeauty Facial Oilinto my night cream about once a week. I apply the blend over my entire face to lock in moisture. This makes my skin look extra dewy the next morning. I have tried plenty of face oils, but found this to be the most nourishing. It also gets extra points for it being Certified Organic. I always bring this oil, for extra moisture, when I travel!

4. SPF
No matter if I go to work, for a lunch in the city or a day at the beach, I always make sure to protect any exposed skin from UV rays. NovAge Day Shield SPF50 are great in the city as they also help to minimise the negative impact of pollution. When I’m sunbathing or swimming I use Sun Zone products – they’re perfect for the whole body!

Scrubbing is a must after the dry winter months. I use Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Scrub which is great. I also moisturise using the Optimals body firming lotion. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth – perfect for the summer months!

Words by: Photographs by: Kristine Wreyford & Getty Images