Get Inspired By Scents Of The World

Scents can be inspired by anything and everything in the world. They can transport you into wondrous places, even those that you’ve never been to! Here are 10 places in the world that have a unique scent of their own and Oriflame has bottled its’ fragrance just for you!

It won’t be an understatement to say Bali is the hidden gem of South East Asia. If you’ve been to Bali you would appreciate how its nature and beauty mesmerizes its surroundings. Pretty beaches, lush forest, picturesque waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes - all at an affordable cost. The VIP Club Bali body mist  is a combination of this adventure, expressed through sweet, fruity and exotic notes, ending with an oriental touch. Go on a journey of long-lasting sensations of sweet and fruity oriental aura, delivered through its summer punching fragrance. Come explore your wanderlust!\

Passion, culture, and history are too broad to cover in one go! Miss Giordani Intense and Giordani Gold Original fragrances both let you feel the passion for life. Giorda Gold fragrances exude radiant warmth and make you feel optimistic about the future without compromising on the true origin of a lively fragrance. The spectrum of Floral, fruity and woody notes capture the past and the present. Best of both worlds is at your disposal with Giordani Gold!


Eclat Femme EDT  is the hub of elegance delivered with the essence of Jasmine flowers. Éclat is a premium choice for today’s sophisticated and modern woman, attracting its surroundings through oriental citrus and woody notes, just like the Eiffel tower attracts tourists in Paris.

Memories chasing butterflies EDT delivers breeze from the green landscapes of Poland. This fragrance is a gift of nature, nurtured during the sweet summers of Poland and treasured in a transparent crystal shaped bottle. The highlight of this fragrance are notes of blackcurrant and Linden, we know you’re already feeling the butterflies.
If you need to feel fresh and calm, look no further away from this marvel of white lilac flowers that can be experienced in the gardens of Warsaw. Mother Nature is evident in Poland and Women’s Collection Innocent White Lilac EDT  is a way to bring nature close to you.

This scent cries heat and passion, providing an Indian flavor of fiery Ginger Flower and sweet Sandalwood. Romanticism and seduction filled So Fever Her EDT  is an amalgamation of Oriental, Vanilla and Woody notes, in a bottle that is set to twist the moods in its surrounding.

The Enigma Eau De Toilette is a fragrance that reminds its wearers of the wonders of Turkey. The Black rose is actually a fantasy scent. The actual flower found in Turkey which this fragrance is based is a dark red, verging on black Rose. Put this fragrance on and you are sure to be transported into the lush gardens of Turkey with the breeze in your hair and the tranquility around you.

Baltic Sea
Have you ever been to the Baltic sea? Stood on the shore and just took in the warm breeze and the fresh yet salty ocean smell mixed with the earthiness of sand and stone. Well, this fragrance Amber Elixir EDP  is exactly that! The amber colour is actually a homage to every sunset on the Baltic In this fragrance you will feel its sensual and vanillic quality.

Do you ever wonder how it must have felt like being a part of the rich history that is embedded in Venice? And The balls, the beauty, the aroma of the rich foods? It must have been so magical. Get in the mood of this wonderful city with a Masquerade  fragrance with the notes of Midnight Dahlia, which encompasses all the enticement of the old age Venetian balls and become somebody else for a while.

Costa Rica
Listed in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Costa Rica is known for its’ sprawling wildlife and beautifully green jungles. Just like the Costa Rican jungles On the Edge EDT is a fragrance which gives your nose a sweet yet tantalizingly strong smell.

Have you ever heard of the word ‘Fika’? It means sharing time, laughter and stories through life and is commonly used as a word describing a break at work spent together. And that is exactly the fragrance Oriflame created by making Friends World EDT. This scent is light, its fun and perfect for a day out with the people you love.
Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame