Step-by-Step: The Exotic Look

Make eyes pop with the Exotic Look. It’s about blending vibrant colours and injecting tropical flavour into your makeup routine.


Start by applying a gold cream eye shadow to your entire eyelid; this will form a shimmering base for your look. Then, apply a warm pink eye shadow to the inner corner of your eye, or opt for rose blush instead.


Apply an olive cream eye shadow to the outer corner of your eye, blending with the gold base. You want to create a gradient affect that works from green at the outer corner, to gold at the centre, and then finally a warm pink at the inner corner.


Now, to enhance and define your eyes, rim your upper and lower lash line with kohl pencil. Add several coats of lengthening mascara for that wow-effect!


Finish the look off with blusher and a neutral lip colour – this look’s all about the eyes.

You’ll be turning up the heat wherever you go, with our exotic look that’s perfect for a party!

Words by: Photographs by: Craig Teunissen