How Colours Influence Your Mood

Everywhere you look there are a million different colours with a million different shades. Mother nature made sure that the life surrounding us as individuals and society is one of bright vividness and colour. Colours will show us the varying states that world and we as individuals have gone through in our journey through life.

Did You Know? 
Colours have a phenomenal effect on mood. Think for instance that you are surrounded by a colourless world. How dull everything would look to you. How unimaginative and boring. Now imagine that within that colourless vision you suddenly see a splash of red or dash of blue? Wouldn’t you feel excited? Curious? Exhilarated? Of course, you would.

The red hues would excite you, make you feel adventurous and ignite a passion inside you, a passion that would excite you and nudge you towards a risky seduction. The blue hues would, on the other hand, make you calm, relaxed and at peace. Whatever agony that you were going through, that pain would gradually recede the longer you would be surrounded by the magnanimous blues. Isn’t that absolutely magical!

Colours And Their Moods
There are a lot of ways that you can make sure that the colours in your life elevate your mood rather than downgrade it. If you’re a woman, the best way to make sure that the colours affect you is through the clothes and makeup you wear. Here are a few colours that will definitely improve your mood! Check it out: 

RED AND PINK: Seduction, Excitement, Love And Passion!
If you are in the mood to be a little daring, a little seductive, confident and passionate, then Red is the colour for you. In psychology, the colour red is known as the colour for lust, passion, and excitement. It is also associated with love along with the colour pink as well. You could wear plain clothes but top it off with a killer red lipstick and nail polish and you are sure to grab attention everywhere you go. If the colour red doesn’t do this for you and you want a more natural and innocent seduction then pink is definitely what you need. Try pink and red shades in lip colours and nail paint and you’ll see exactly what I mean. 

PURPLE: Royalty, Wisdom and Comfort!

Feeling a little down on luck? A little less worthy? Then stop whatever it is that you are doing and go paint yourself in hues of Purple. Pick the perfect shade for yourself and watch the magic happen. Purple will give you a certain confidence that you were previously lacking. It will showcase the regalness that is definitely present in you while also providing a certain sense of comfort missing from you. 

GREEN: Healthy, Earthy And Lucky!
The colour green promotes feelings of luck and health. If you want to feel more natural and tranquil then green is definitely the colour for you. Oriflame’s green nail polishes will make you feel lucky and closer to nature!
BLUE: Calm, Serene and Aloof
A lot of people only look at Blue as something that promotes sadness but that’s not at all true. Blue is the colour that is predominantly used to promote a sense of calm within you. If you take the time to observe then blue is the colour used to paint and decorate most offices and therapy clinics. It promotes a healthier and calmer work environment. Wearing the colour blue will remind you of the fact that no matter what is happening in life, you will get through it and soon you will be able to beat the odds!

ORANGE: Fresh, Autumn And New Beginnings!
Do you want to revamp your whole sense of style? Of life? Then Orange is definitely the shade for you. It’s everywhere, it’s fresh and it’s something that you won’t find everywhere. On the off chance that you do, you’re bound to look twice at the person or thing that has Orange in its’ midst. Oriflame’s orange/tangerine lip colour is perfect for a fresh day! It’ll show the world that you’re back and ready to rumble.

BLACK AND WHITE: Innocence, Strength, Life and Simplicity!
Many would say that White and Black aren’t actually colours that entrap your attention, which is not true at all! The colour white will showcase a certain innocence and angelic aura that would bring people to you and if you choose to apply black makeup then be ready to feel the strength and self-satisfaction that will immediately erupt in you! Having black or white outfit let’s you play with coulourful accessories and makeup however you want!
The best thing about colours is that each of them have a separate meaning to each person. They can excite you and do wondrous things to your daily mood! You can easily achieve this by just applying a simple lip colour, eye-shade, eye-liner, a nail colour and more.
Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame