Step-By-Step: Using Makeup to Look Younger

Today we’re going to show you how to create a look that makes you look younger.

1 Create a glow

First off you want to keep the skin as fresh and natural as possible. Begin by applying a colour reflecting CC cream to give the illusion of glowing youthful skin. Only use a concealer where needed.




 2 Eye shadow

Your next step is applying a light matte eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes. Shimmer can draw attention to any wrinkles you may have. Define your eyes with a warm brown eye shadow.




Now apply plenty of volume building mascara to create an illusion of longer eye lashes and bigger eyes.





Finish the look by adding a bit of rose coloured blusher to your cheeks for a fresh look. Compliment with a pink peachy lipstick. 




There you have it. A look that makes you look instantly young with fresh skin!

Words by: Photographs by: Craig Teunissen