Skin Care For The Delicate Eye Area

Did you know that the delicate skin around your eyes can actually be a tenth as thick as the skin on the rest of your face? It’s no surprise then that we need to be extra careful on how to remove makeup and care for our eyes to avoid greyish colouration, irritation and wrinkles!

Saturate a cotton pad with eye makeup remover. Hold the cotton pad against your closed eye applying gentle pressure and then swipe gently across your lash line moving from the outer corner of your eyes inward. Don’t run the cotton pad back and forth over your lids, this can tug at your skin and cause unnecessary wrinkles.

Squeeze out a small amount of eye cream, enough for both of your eyes. Then use your wedding finger (we have less muscle there meaning less pressure) and start at the inner corner of your eye and then dab gently in a circle along the orbital bone. Remember to avoid placing eye cream too close to your eye because the product travels when it warms up with your body temperature. You don’t want to risk getting product into your eyes or getting an irritated sclera!

Words by: Photographs by: John Buddee