Are you in the mood for a new look? Let us show you how to create a dramatic pink ombre (French for shading or gradation) look for your eyes. In this exclusive Oriflame guide, we show you the simple steps.


Start by applying a coat of light pink on the eyelid by using a chunky eye pencil. This will give you a good base and make the shadow last longer.






After the base, apply a pink shadow on the middle of the eyelid and out towards the corner; don’t forget to blend thoroughly.







Use a brush with some brown eyeshadow and blend it into the globe of the eye to create depth. With the same brown shade, blend a bit into the lower lashes under the eye. When working with a dark colour, be extra careful to apply the eyeshadow evenly on both eyes!







To add intensity and define your eyes, use a chocolate brown eye pencil on top and bottom lashes and apply plenty of mascara. This will give you that final touch to make your eyes more prominent,

 And there you have it; ombre eyes – a strikingly vibrant look.

Words by: Photographs by: Craig Teunissen