Creating Two-tone Eyes

Playing around with different coloured eye shadow palettes is always fun. This time we wanted to take it to a new level by creating a more dramatic eye look inspired by what we’ve seen on the red carpet lately. This exclusive Oriflame tutorial will show you how to get those colourful two-tone eyes.


Start by applying a turquoise eye pencil to the top of the lid and blend the edges. The pencil will create a strong base for a more long lasting look. Then apply a shimmering green/blue eyeshadow into the globe to enhance the colour further.



Draw a thin line with a purple eye pencil close to the root of the bottom eyelashes. Blend with a little purple shadow.




Finally, apply plenty of mascara on both the bottom and top lashes and then finish off by adding highlighter under the arch of the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye.



There you have it; colourful two-tone eyes, the look of the season.

Read up on the steps below or click here for the video.
Words by: Photographs by: Sanna Franklin Hair & Makeup: Linda Andersson