Tips for a brilliant at home manicure

Get beautifully painted nails that last. Master the no-mess manicure and enjoy perfectly painted nails all week long.

Beautiful hair, healthy skin and – not least – pretty nails are all part of looking and feeling well put-together. A good skincare routine and regular visits to the hairstylist will do the trick for the first two. You can easily manage the third yourself with a quick and glossy manicure, preferably in a trendy greige shade (Editor’s pick: The ONE Longwear Nail Polish in Cappuccino) that works with everything from the office look to a night on the town! And, so you’ll have time to do more than your nails, it’s smart to invest in a modern, time-saving nail varnish – a variant of the ordinary home nail varnish, but one that lasts much longer and still has the gorgeous glossy finish of a gel. And it’s easy to remove with ordinary remover – thank you very much!



Make sure your nails are clean and non-greasy before you start. Buff your nails with the softest, finest side of a nail buffer before painting to increase blood circulation in the base of the nail and help prevent peeling. Start with a base coat and apply a top coat over your coloured varnish to make your manicure last longer.



Place the brush about a millimetre away from the cuticle, in the centre of the nail.

Brush upwards towards the tip. Repeat on the right side of the nail and then the left.

Add an extra coat horizontally across the tip of the nail for extra protection where the varnish is most subject to wear.


Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images & All Over Press