Boho chic holiday hair

As the holidays are approaching, we want to let our hair play the lead role.

Right now, we are inspired by the boho chic tousled wavy hair à la Jane Birkin and Marianne Faithful from the sixties. On this autumn’s catwalk we saw the look at Pucci on our favourite it-model Cara Delevingne. In addition, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller rock the effortless chic style, either with long thick bangs or a centre parting with grown out bangs to frame the face.

How to get the look:

  1. Start by washing your hair with a volume shampoo. If you have thin hair you can use volume mousse when your hair is wet to get to the tousled and voluminous look.
  2. Blow dry your hair, but use a heat protecting lotion to avoid damaging it, then lure your hair with a large curling iron, hold the rod up and down parallel to the hair. This way, you create soft, loose curls.
  3. Use a hair spray over the hair to fixate it and then gently brush through, then use your fingertips to tousle your hair in a relaxed way. The loose waves need not be messy, but should also not fall perfectly.
  4. Finish with a shine spray to give your hair the extra shine. Voila! Extra tips For the upcoming festivities, we combine the look with eyeliner and natural lipstick!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images