4 Digital Leaders Share Tips to Boost Your Oriflame Business

We asked 4 digital leaders from Oriflame India to share their advice on how to successfully promote their Oriflame Business Online.

Kanwaljeet Bhasin from Delhi

I have always been a SARPIO Leader & firmly believe that success in any work depends on Team, System & Strategies. After working offline for 18 years, almost a year back I started working towards an Online System for my Oriflame business. It’s effective, saves time and allows more network growth & successes as compared to Offline. First identify your personal brand and then find relevant social reworks to promote that. Have a proper plan for your content and make sure your posts look beautiful, add value to your online community and prompts viewers to take some action. Plan your monthly budget for advertising and continuously monitor your performance. I also recommend having personalized opportunity meetings for effective recruitment, segment communication, personalized trainings, online recognitions to ensure motivation and leadership development within your network. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from yourself and get inspired from what other leaders are doing. 

Ketki Bhatti from Mumbai

Digital is no longer an option, but a necessity and I have personally felt how rewarding digital can be for your Oriflame Business. I use social media as my major prospecting tool and YouTube has emerged to be my favourite. The fun & flexibility to create utility, informational valuable videos around Oriflame Opportunity excites me and what best than producing videos in regional language yields me better engagement & results. My suggestion for Oriflamians is to produce more video content; while shooting your videos be confident, to the point and practice your delivery.  Properly though titles, captions and using relevant tags will increase your views & subscription. 

Shalini Periwal from Bangalore


I am an ardent believer that a successful business is structured on a dynamic strategy and a sustainable support system. Working digitally has allowed me to the freedom and a balance I had been looking for. Facebook, Instagram & YouTube are my key prospecting tools and help me to position myself as an Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Expert. Webinars are integral to ensure recruitment, daily communication, trainings and eventually Leadership Development. My suggestion is to have a social media content plan for better outreach & engagement and an online Oriflame SARPIO for network growth. Have some monthly budget to boost your content and promote your business. Also have sample recruitment messages for better and faster conversion and undoubtedly personalized recruitment trainings ensure better recruitment rate.

Manisha Mehta from Mumbai

My approach to working online for Oriflame is simple; be yourself, have a plan for your content & trainings, be consistent and work towards developing your personal brand. I prospect primarily via Facebook; a personal website helps me to recruit and establish more credibility. Personalized training and segment communication ensure leadership development. My suggestion to other leaders is to first plan and develop an online system for your Oriflame business, try and test out the methods that work best for you and then duplicate the same within your network.