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Seamless International Sponsoring Q&A

What is International Sponsoring?
International Sponsoring allows you to expand your beauty community globally by inviting new Members and Brand Partners from anywhere in the Oriflame world. Use your Invite Code or Invite Link to sponsor in any of our supported markets, helping your beauty community grow worldwide in a truly seamless way. Read more about it here. [add link to What’s New article]

How does the new Invite Code system work?
Starting July 11th, your Invite Code will receive a prefix update and work globally. This means you can share your Invite Code or Invite Link on social media, SMS, WhatsApp, or in person. Any newcomer who uses it will join your beauty community, regardless of their location in any of our markets.

How do I find my Brand Partner number in foreign countries where I have sponsored?
Once your first Member or Brand Partner has registered in the foreign country, you will receive an email with your login and password information. If you can't find your login details, you can use the "Recover Password" option on that foreign country’s Oriflame website.

According to what Reward Plan will I get paid?
You will get paid according to the Reward Plan in your home country.

How does the Global Catalogue Closing work?
  • All international markets are summarised in a Global Catalogue Closing.
  • The Global Catalogue Closing takes place 1-2 catalogues after the local closings because all markets have different closing dates.
  • Total Global Sales Volume and Structure will define your Global Title and the final payout.
  • International commission is paid in the home country with the next bonus payment, which means a one campaign period delay.
  • Global Titles and Cash Awards are based on the home country rules and requirements.
  • MATURE MARKETS ONLY: International Sponsoring covers Unilevel and Generation Bonuses. Other local bonuses and incentives are not included in global commissions.
Can I be a Member in a foreign country while being a Brand Partner in the home country?
No, the customer type always follows the status in the home country. If you downgrade to a Member, all international accounts will also be downgraded.

Can Members open an international account?
Not at the moment.

Can I use foreign Bonus Points to fulfil local personal Bonus Points demands?
Yes, both personal orders and orders from your first-line Members are considered for local Bonus Points demand.

How do I get paid the global commission?
You need to fulfil all local requirements, and the payout follows the local process. For example, the global Programme Plus will be paid to your Wallet in the home country, while Global Advancement Bonuses will be paid as a commission in the home country.

What Bonus Points requirements do I need to meet to earn international commissions?
It follows the local country requirements, for e.g., 100/150 Bonus Points for Team and Advancement Bonuses, and 200 Bonus Points for Director Bonuses. Conditions from the home country Reward Plan apply for receiving local and global Cash Awards.

What if I don't speak the language of a foreign country where I'm sponsoring?
You would need to use external tools to translate the content to understand it.

What other details should I be aware of regarding International Sponsoring?
  • International Sponsoring isn't available for registrations in China or Vietnam. Additionally, due to specific regional restrictions, sponsoring cannot occur between Russia and Ukraine.
  • International Sponsoring is not available within franchise operations in the following countries: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Nepal, Sudan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Notifications from foreign countries will be in the local language.