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Place your order

Once you logged on Oriflame website, you have two options to visit single/your ordering page.

  • Option 1: You can click on "Shopping Bag", this will take you to the page from where you can place your order.

  • Option 2: You can click on "Order" tab and on the left side of the window you will find "Place Your Order" .


Once you are on shopping page - you have 5 steps to place your order.

  • Step 1 - Shopping Bag: On this step, you enter product codes which you want to buy.

  • Step 2 - Your Offers: This step will give you the option(s) to avail your benefits like Plenty Offer, Business Class, Web Offers etc.

  • Step 3 - Delivery: Here you will see all the options of your order delivery.

  • Step 4 - Payment: On this step, you have different options of payments to place your order.

  • Step 5 - Place Order: This is final step of your order where you will see all details.

You can click on any step while placing the order, the products entered by you will not be removed.


Step 1 - Shopping Bag

On this step you have to enter the product code(s) to add in your shopping bag. Once you added the product(s), you can "Change quantity" by clicking on the icons, remove single product by clicking "Delete" icon or you can also remove all products by clicking on "Clear Basket”. Click "Continue" to proceed to shopping.

  You can "Press" enter after entering the product code to add another product.


Step 2 - Your Offers

On "Your Offers" step you will get all the options to avail your benefit(s). For example, Plenty Offer, Web Offer, Business Class etc.

You will see all the product(s) options(s) with their images and other details, the product which you need to add on your shopping bag - click on "Add" on that particular product.

In few offer(s), you will not see the product images and only product code field will be given. You need to enter the product code and click "Add".Click "Continue" to go next step.


Step 3 - Delivery

Oriflame gives you many options to receive the products. On "Delivery" step you will get below options:


Home Delivery: For delivery at your door you can select your KYC address which was submitted to Oriflame, if you are residing at the same address. For adding any more addresses please reach out to the Contact Center from your registered email id. Only two addresses per Brand Partner & VIP will be allowed in Delivery page under home delivery. Brand Partner will not be able to add/modify or delete delivery address. Change of address to Contact Center can be requested by Brand partner through his/her registered e mail Id only. Notification of address change will be sent to the BrP once the address is updated by Contact Center.Brand Partner can request to add/modify a single address only in a month.


Step 4 - Payment

We have all options of Payment solutions to make your Oriflame shopping experience great.

You only need to select on the option and click "Continue".


Step 5 - Place Order

This is the last "Place Order" step, where you will see complete details of your order and if you don't want to add more products, click "Place order" to complete the shopping.

Please note: The "Place Order" button will be changed as per your selection of the payment mode. If you select "Debit/Credit Card" this will be "Pay" button.

You can click on "Products Review" to view all your products which are entered.