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What is delivery time and fees of my order?

Shipping & Delivery Details for Orders placed through Oriflame India Website

If you place an order through the Oriflame India website, the following terms (“Terms”) will apply for the shipping and delivery of your order. Please note that these Terms are subject to the terms and conditions, policies etc. you agree to by registering yourself as Brand Partner or VIP Customer with Oriflame.

  1. Our shipping & delivery services are available from Monday to Saturday of each week (“Working Days”).
  2. You may opt for any of the below shipping speeds, at the time of placing your order- 

    Shipping Speed


    Delivery Fee per Order**

    Express – Next Working Day Delivery*


    INR 100 (exclusive of taxes)

    COD Orders– Delivery within 2 to 4 Working Days


    INR 35 (exclusive of taxes)

    SPO and Prepaid Orders – Delivery within the ETD mentioned on the website when you place your order



    *Express delivery option is available only: (a) in selected cities within the city limit area of the cities - Mumbai; Pune; Delhi-NCR; Bangalore; Kolkata and Guwahati; and (b) for all orders placed up to 11:00 AM on a given day.
    **The Delivery fee will be charged over and above the total order value. Additional Handling Fee will be charged as per Clause 3 below.
  3. Handling Fee:
    1. A Handling Fee of INR 55 will be charged on all orders (Express, COD, SPO & Prepaid) below INR 1500.
    2. A Handling Fee of INR 35 will be charged on all orders (Express, COD, SPO & Prepaid) that are above INR 1500 but below INR 2200.
    3. No Handling Fee charged for orders above INR 2200.
    4. No Handling Fee will be charged on any further order(s) placed by a Brand Partner during a calendar month in which he/she has achieved 100 BP. For eg: A has achieved 100 BP from 1st Jan to 15th Jan, then for any order placed by A between 15th Jan to 31st Jan, no handling fees shall be charged.
  4. The availability of the delivery speeds will depend on the pin code of the delivery location. Your orders will be delivered through our logistics service providers
  5. The estimated delivery date of your order along with the Shipping Speed options available for your order, will be displayed on the Oriflame India website when you place your order, depending on the pin code of the delivery location.
  6. Please provide the correct delivery address and contact mobile number while placing an order to avail timely delivery. The below situations may lead to failed delivery attempts by our logistics service providers-
    1. Incorrect address;
    2. Incorrect phone number;
    3. Refusal to accept package by recipient;
    4. Recipient unavailable to receive package;
    5. Insufficient address and phone number not reachable/ call not received by customer.
    In the above situations, Oriflame will not be liable for delay in delivery and/ or to offer any refund of delivery fees. However, we may contact you to schedule another attempt for delivery of your order. In the event, the order is still not delivered post our re-schedule attempt due to reasons attributable to you, your order will be cancelled and the total amount (including delivery fee) of your pre-paid order will be credited to your Oriflame account.
  7. We cannot assure delivery to addresses of commercial establishments on weekly offs and / or holidays, as in the case for shops or offices or commercial buildings etc. In such cases, the delivery will be attempted on the next Working Day.
  8. We cannot assure delivery in case of a force majeure event, including but not limited to unforeseen circumstances outside our control, strike, natural disaster, containment/local authority restrictions to the delivery locations etc.
  9. These Terms can be altered/ modified/ withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of Oriflame. Your continued use of our delivery and shipping services post modification of these Terms will be deemed acceptance to the revised Terms.