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A fragrance can seduce, bring forth beautiful memories or make you daydream about a faraway place. You can choose from our wide selection of perfumes inspired by dreams. All our fragrances are developed in France in order to ensure quality, innovative and performance.

A Cherished Moment

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7 Things You Didn't Know About Oriflame Perfumes

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Perfumed Body Spray
Possess Perfumed Body Spray
INR 235
reviews 5/5
Possess Perfumed Body Cream
Possess Possess Perfumed Body Cream
INR 779
reviews 5/5
Possess Man Eau de Toilette
Possess Possess Man Eau de Toilette
INR 3,399
reviews 4.5/5
Possess Eau de Parfum
Possess Possess Eau de Parfum
INR 3,199
reviews 5/5