5 effective ways to make your hair grow faster and stronger
5 effective ways to make your hair grow faster and stronger
Did you jump on the short hair trend, but cannot help but crave long locks again? Then we have good news for you! With these simple fixes, it won’t be too long until you have long, healthy hair again.
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Stop clogging your follicles

You might be surprised to learn that your hair needs exfoliation just like your skin! If dirt, oils and product build-up blocks your follicles, this can result in ingrown hairs, preventing the hair from emerging from your scalp. Just like with facial skin care, new healthy cells can be encouraged to emerge with proper cleansing and exfoliation.

In fact, the anti-dandruff ingredient in our Duologi Anti-Flake Purifying Shampoo and Scalp Scrub, is Salicylic Acid – the same ingredient used in our Pure Skin range to unclog facial pores! Salicylic Acid is a well-known ingredient that deeply cleanses and purifies by removing dead skin cells on the skin surface and by penetrating deeper into pores and hair follicles and clearing it of debris like dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo is great for washing away dirt and product build-up and conditioner can reduce hair breakage and hair falling out. However, using the wrong shampoo or conditioner can strip your strands of the natural, essentials oils that keep them soft and healthy. So what to do? Our best tip is to use a revitalising shampoo and conditioner that will both restore and strengthen fragile, thinning hair.

We infuse our Duologi Fall Resist Shampoo with skincare ingredients Vitamin B3, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Rice Peptides to help:

- Refresh and re-energise the scalp, reducing hair fall

- Strengthen fragile hair, with 50% less hair breakage

- Increase hair density, with at least 3500 more hairs in growth phase in 8 weeks

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Why is scalp care important?
Hair care

Why is scalp care important?

Scalp health is important for healthy-looking hair. The latest hair trend sees scalp care products key to a good hair day. Discover why your beauty routine needs scalp facials!

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