Summer's Hottest Fashion (and the Scents to Wear with Them)

It’s time to refresh your wardrobe for summer, but what look will you adopt this season? To help you out, here are 4 must-know fashion trends and the fragrances to match - you’ll smell as fabulous, as you look!

If you love a “fiesta” then you will love this summer’s Spanish trend. Off the shoulder blouses, silky red fabrics with black lace details, and ruffles galore are what you’ll be wearing this vacation season. Match a seductive floral fragrance with red jasmine or ginger flower at its heart, and you’re guaranteed to dazzle!

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You’re a girly-girl and proud of it. To you, beach season means loose and long dresses, worn with wavy hair and sun kissed skin – and you’re in luck, because soft romanticism is in! This summer, it’s all about floral prints and lace details, flowing dresses and pastel or white fabrics. For the girl who plans to spend the warmest months outdoors, it has to be a delicate floral fragrance – think lilacs, orange blossom, white rose and freesia; like a breath of sweet summer air.

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Stripes and gingham have been updated – like picnic-wear but much more fun! Your style is low maintenance, and yet you always look elegant. And so your scent for summer is sleek, with Royal White Lily or Lily of the Valley complimenting your easy, sophisticated style.

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Right now, all the cool kids are wearing underwear as outerwear – yes, the slip dress is now a fashion staple. It’s a trend that requires confidence, but that’s ok, you’ve got lots of that. Match your look with a rebellious perfume – something fun and impactful with notes of white chocolate, tobacco or vanilla!

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Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images