Take on the World with Matte Lips

Women are taking the globe by storm! All over the world women are expressing themselves in unique ways – in the digital realm and in the real world. Women are influencing the millennial market and asserting their dominance. It’s a brave new world, it’s a bold new woman. Are your lips ready to tag the world with your matte uniqueness?

Positive Weapon for Self-Expression
Women are representing their perspectives and sensibilities in all sorts of ways. Are you running a new start-up? An influencer winning success? A Youtuber making an impression? Or maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie free-falling at 14,000 feet? No matter how you tag the world with your unique voice, your beauty is empowering. It’s a form of self-expression – one that is totally your own.

For me, I want to step into the Insta-frame make-up ready and walk back out into the real world without skipping a beat. I do this with no fuss by letting my lazy beach curls fall and my brightly hued matte lips do the talking. A bold matte lip is a classic way to make a simple look stand out.

Matte lipsticks and the vast choice of colours make these lipsticks a positive weapon for self-expression. I’m a convert. My matte lips are a reflection of me making a statement in the world and creating a signature look for myself - every day, moment to moment.

The new generation of mattes and the range of highly pigmented shades have converted me to a matte lover. If anything can stop people in their tracks, it’s The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Velvet. They are designed to ensure your lips are comfortable and get that incredible sleek matte finish. Time to max out with an impactful matte.

Matte Mentality
Matte is a mentality. Miley Cyrus once said, “Pink isn’t a colour, it’s an attitude.” I say, matte isn’t a lipstick, it’s a statement. For me, a matte pout is the way to go. No matter whether you’re sharing on Instagram or having a first date face-to-face, you can always express your uniqueness with a memorable matte!

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