New Trend: Hybrid Makeup

Makeup lovers listen up! There's a new trend in town, and we're super excited about it. Want to know more about hybrid makeup and why you should be excited too? Here's the low-down.

Hybrid makeup is makeup with enhanced benefits and textures that we normally find in skin care products. This means high-coverage foundations with ultra-light textures, moisturising lip products and face powders with SPF. In other words: High performing makeup that actually takes care of your skin.

We have developed several products with added benefits to give you the best performing makeup possible. These are the products you should invest in:

1. Giordani Gold Sheer Powder SPF 15
This is a mineral enriched powder that delivers coverage for a delicate lightweight finish. Formulated with 90% mineral powders, antioxidants and SPF 15, it helps to prevent the onset of premature ageing.

2. The ONE Lip Spa Care Lip Balm
This multi-tasking lip balm Ultra-conditioning double core lip balm with SPF 8 and a pretty hint of colour. Moisturises and protects for soft, supple, hydrated comfort that lasts.

3. Giordani Gold CC Cream SPF 35
This is an all-in-one makeup/skincare solution with a unique combination of lightweight texture and lasting medium coverage. It has Patented Anti-Ageing Brightening Technology to improve your skin’s clarity and luminosity. It also has SPF 35 with UVA/UVB filters.

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