How To Pack For Sunny Destination

When packing for sunny destination, there are some beauty must-haves you should take. Check our list and enjoy your holiday with great products!

Sun protection 

No matter if you are going to sun bath or you are enjoying summer in the city, sun protection is a must! So remember to pack your Sun Zone creams when going out of the city and for city exploration, use protection cream like Optimals Multi-Protection Urban UV Day Shield SPF 30 which will also protect your skin from pollution. Also, take your sunglasses and favourite hat to complete your sun-proof look! 


Summer shower 

Make the most of your summer days off with energizing shower gels from Love NatureNatural ingredients and biodegradable formulas make them a sustainable choice for holiday. They are not only great for skin and environment but also smell deliciously! 


Sweat protection 

To protect your skin from sweat take a roll-on instead of your regular spray deodorant. Choose from the new Activelle selection of roll-ons with ActiBoost technology, activated by motion, that provide feeling of freshness, whenever you need it most. Great for active holiday days! 


Cosmetic bag 

To pack all cosmetics conveniently, take a spacious cosmetic bag with you. It will keep all your necessities at hand and in right order. Transparent pocket will let easily reach for what you need and detachable makeup bag is there to take your beauty must-haves away with you, whenever on the go! 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame