Gold And Diamonds

Black diamonds, treasures of Indian Rajas, royal gems and pearl necklaces of a film stars: we will guide you in a world of a most fashionable jewelry trends.

Black Diamond 

In another way this stone is called "Carbonado". This is one of the rarest and mysterious kind of diamond, shrouded in mystery and legend. Because of the all black color it especially loved by jewelers: black diamonds used by many designers to create unique jewelry and accessories. Black diamond is a symbol and business card of the famous jewelry house deGrisogono. Eva Herzigova, Sheryl Crow and Naomi Campbell are among it’s celebrity clients. Black crystals and gold – is an exquisite combination, suitable for a special occasion. We would advise the same sophisticated and spectacular make-up: cat ayes that are in the top this season and a dab of a soft pink gloss on your lips.

Splashes of Gold

Gold never goes out of fashion, but this season it is especially important. Gold is everywhere: eyeshadow in golden hues, shimmering gold particles in lip gloss, gold powder and metallic eyebrows - all this and more of this we have seen on the world’s most important catwalks. Gold trend in accessories also does not leave the position, but, in contrast to the podium’s bright make-up, best jewelry from precious metal look rather restrained. The small size and elegant design solution - such accessories are perfect for a romantic evening and help to create charming look.

Indian Queen

This year a lot of designers turned to oriental motifs. Suffice it to mention Valentino, Etro, Emilio Pucci, Marni. Multicolored, fine materials, stunning embroidery – we have seen all this on a podiums this year. East it is impossible to imagine without the authentic decoration and best expresses this trend Indian agate. This is a unique stone that is suitable for any occasion and almost any outfit, whether it's light summer dress with floral print or classic office suit. A special place among the jewelrys made of agate take the earrings - it ideal addition to a casual style look.

Silk and Pearls

This trend is inspired by the great eternal images of classics movies, and in the first place - Audrey Hepburn in the "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Pearls - is the embodiment of femininity and refinement, purity and innocence. Since the days of Coco Chanel we know the perfect combination of pearls and the little black dress - a symbol of elegance at all times. But today you can wear pearls with casual clothes: it is perfectly goes with denim, actual fuchsia, floral prints and even the picturesque style boho. Pearls, according to Karl Lagerfeld, highlights a woman's face from the inside and gives the skin a special tone - and it is appropriate in any situation.

Queen Victoria's gold 

In this collection two current trends are teamed - big gems and royal luxury. Large crystals highlight your unique style and attract attention - this trend beat all the leading fashion houses. Particular attention is paid to designers necklace. Crystals of a noble shades of warm chestnut to deep wine-red, reminiscent of heirlooms of royal families. It is important to remember the golden rule: a large necklace and earrings are best combined with a simple, minimalist outfit, and they will play the fascinating play of shine and make you the queen of the evening. Read more about the jewelries of an exclusive collection of Royal by Oriflame.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images & All Over Press