Fragrance Stories: Escape? Yes, Please!

Stop what you’re doing. Grab your coat. And go. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We all love that feeling of NOT planning, and letting spontaneity decide. It’s the essence of an exciting life, and also that of an exhilarating new fragrance. Read on, and get inspired…

Where in the World? Everywhere.
Even if you can’t go paragliding in the Andes, or walk through Lavender fields in France just now, we may have discovered a fragrance that’s the next best thing. It’s the essence of travel; the essence of adventure and romance, and like a genie, it can exist in a bottle.

The world in a bottle. That was the lofty ambition of rising-star perfumers – Fanny Baal and Caroline Dumur – in creating their inspiring new fragrances, Born to Fly. The feeling of being in an open-top car, roaring down the road into the unknown. That’s the exhilaration and rush they were after. And that’s the experience their scents deliver.

A successful fragrance ‘takes you there.’ It’s instant. And with inspirations of pear Nashi from Japan, Agave Nectar from Mexico and the sea breeze of Madagascar, all you have to do is close your eyes and you’re there.

So, you can leave your bags at home (and don’t think about the cold month of February). This may be the perfect ticket for a restless heart.

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