Beauty Trend – Wear Your Confidence

Women all over the world are standing up and standing out - proud of who they are. I know I am! Female empowerment is a building trend and has influenced fashion, film, and now make-up. Bold beauty is a statement that dares you to cast all shame aside and embrace your inner hero. Are you ready to stand out in a crowd?

You - yes, you – are tremendous!
I’ve always been confident about applying mascara, but now, wow! I’m hooked on my bold lashes. Are you a rebel-at-heart? Busting hours at a nine-to-five? Or making a difference at home? Every woman has a transformational story to tell, whether you’re celebrating a milestone or a glowing work appraisal or dancing all night in those heels, you’ll want to embrace your inner bold. To be you, unapologetically is powerful and you’re about to learn that it’s easy to be in the spotlight.

Confidence is key!
Confidence is one of those highly elusive qualities. If you try to be confident you usually fall flat on your face. Confidence is not something you do, it’s something you gain through experience. It’s about how you feel towards yourself - your sense of self-worth.

We’ve all been through joys and sorrows, challenges and rewards, and your confidence can sometimes waiver. Sprinkle a little positive thinking into your day and watch out for negative self-talk. Thoughts like “I can’t” need to be replaced with phrases like “I’ve got this!” Why not fire up your confidence with a stellar wardrobe and dramatic eyes. If anyone can make sweeping lashes luscious and flirtatious it’s The ONE Tremendous Mascara. Feeling feminine and empowered just got a whole lot easier. Go ahead, wear your confidence!

Your story is your power!
Beyoncé once said, “We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.” It takes guts to stand in your own power and uniqueness.

Clothes, hair, and make-up are the icing on your cake of confidence - the final touches that make you feel stunning and assured. Don’t settle for anything less than a bold, beautiful you. You’re worth it!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame