5 Experts on the 1 Skin Care Product They Can't Live Without!

5 Experts on the 1 Skin Care Product They Can't Live Without!

Claire Tansey, Skin Care Expert, Ori-derm
Product: NovAge Ultimate Lift Serum and Night Cream
“My favourite product range the is Novage Ultimate Lift skin care set. I can’t pick one product in particular, but I have two favourites: the Ultimate Lift Serum and Night Cream because of the luxurious textures, which melt into my skin. I love knowing that the active ingredients in these two products are working effectively to help firm and lift my skin during the night.”

Sanna Franklin, Beauty Editor
Product: Tender Care
“I have really dry skin (especially in the winter) so I use it for chapped lips, dry spots anywhere (and even to frame my nostrils as a type of nose oil!). I massage it in to my cuticles to keep my nails healthy, and it’s magical on my cracked heels overnight. It’s also an in-flight savior, perfect when my skin feels really dry. I sometimes even use a tiny dab over my eye shadow for a glossy effect. Definitely can’t live without this product!”

Melina Galeadi, Skin Care Expert
Product: Eye Cream
“If the eyes are the windows to your soul, the area around the eyes is the billboard of your life. This is the area on your face that gives away your age so protecting it is crucial. People tend to think that eye creams are overrated, but the area around the eye is very delicate, and the pores and skin are thinner. Oriflame’s eye creams have a lighter texture and are perfume free to reduce irritability. I apply eye cream morning and night, wear sunglasses in the sun and make sure I’m getting plenty of sleep!”

Kirill Kutalov, Grooming Editor
Product: Cleanser “Summer is my perfect season, because this is when I can practice favourite sport: mountain biking. Sometimes I spend the whole weekend on my bike and I try to practice every day. Life in a big city means I have to cycle a fair distance, along busy roads, to get to the forest, which is why my favourite product is a mild facial cleanser. I can’t imagine my skin without one. Like many men, I’m beginning to understand the importance of daily skin care after trying a great cleanser; it’s a kind of an entry ticket – simple, convenient and effective.”

Nicola Robertson, Skin Care Expert, Ori-derm
Product: Ecollagen Eye Cream
“I love the Ecollagen range and use the full routine daily. My favourite product in the set is Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream because the rollerball makes it easy to apply and wakes up tired and puffy-looking eyes.”

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images, Kristine Wreyford