5 Big Men's Trends for 2017

All or nothing. That’s the short version of the upcoming season’s main grooming trends. But naturally there’s an infinite number of options in between these two extremes. So, we turned to our Editor Kirill Kutalov for a low-down on the biggest trends for 2017. Here’s his report!

If you wanted to grow a beard in 2016 (but never had the guts to) let me present a few facts to convince you to take the step. First, beards filter up to 95% of the harmful UV radiation that’s associated with skin cancer. Second, it stops allergens, which makes life easier for asthmatics. It also eliminates 100% of all razor cuts, warms your face in cold weather and serves as cushioning during a boxing match (although, I still recommend professional protective equipment as well).

If these arguments aren’t enough, then knowing a big beard is one of the most important men's trends in 2017 might change your mind. Some stylists recommend not to comb it to create a wilder look, but I say it’s only appropriate if you have your own private tailor.

Big beards are like long hair and huge muscles. Not everyone has the genes for it. But this is no reason to stay out of the trend! Even if the hipster beard remains a fantasy, you can always grow a three-day stubble. And with proper care, this option will be no less dashing than the previous one. Just remember this important rule: No goatee! Leave it to a IT guys from the late 90s.

If you decide to go for something in between the two trends – don’t forget regular care. Trim your beard as often as possible (ideally every day), wash it often, comb it, and use hair oil.

Having curls is a matter of chance. Not everyone is so lucky. But don’t despair! Straight hair is also perfectly fashionable in 2017. The best style combo is a large amount of styling products plus a wide-toothed comb. The world needs to see that you have put time into your hair! As variants, stylists suggest the wet look, with a sizeable amount of hair gel, or an oversized fringe combed from the back to the front of the head.

Many people still define this style as sporty, although it’s no more athletic than your new pair of statement sneakers. Still, "haircut number 2" does have a few advantages: convenience, minimal care and no maintenance in the morning. For the new season, the six-millimeter haircut is still with us, but this time it’s far from minimalistic. By adding unusual colours like gold, fluorescent pink, and the main shade of season – electric blue, you’re right on trend!

Wavy hair, gently framing the face, or artistic curls suit romantic souls conducting days in the bohemian bliss, Britpop fans, and those who relish the cultural heritage of the 70s and 80s. Stylists (and I’m with them on this one) recommend variations: the exaggerated side parting, the Afro, and carelessly tousled hair - as if you just pulled your head off the pillow.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images