Get inspired by this spring’s beauty must-haves! Oriflame’s Global Head of Editorial Anna Blom picks her favourites.

The face this season is natural. Smooth, radiant skin with ‘no makeup- makeup’ that looks just a bit offhand. I love the trend!

But if you’re nearer 40 than 20 (like me) and don’t have flawless skin ... Don’t get me wrong. I think tiny signs of ageing are beautiful. Laugh lines: charming. A few grey hairs: personality plus. Or so I tell myself when a new one pops up. I do struggle with pigmentation (Yes, Mum, I should’ve listened and stayed out of the sun). But advanced research in innovative skincare has made smoother, more radiant skin possible! So, protective skincare products that work are my can’t-live-withouts.

I’ll be prepping for spring with a posh, fragrant scrub: goodbye dead skin cells, hello circulation! My other must-have will be a hydrating, protective day cream to make my fine lines finer.

The dream look I want this spring is not so much about colour. I prefer a matt base and amazing eyes. For everyday, I use a volumising mascara. My secret for lush-lash wow: I warm my eyelash curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds. Use a magnifying mirror and take care not to burn your lashes! And lots of mascara, top and bottom. 

Inspired by French designer Isabel Marant, I dot lipstick on my cheeks instead of blush. Versatile products really make life easier. My fave multi-use product is a balm - so easy to tuck in my bag and use on brows, eyelids, lips – even my dry elbows. The only rule of beauty is NO RULES – as long as your products work for you!

Words by: Anna Blom

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