There are some classic and timeless beauty looks that never go out of style and work season after season. Meet the fall in a chic and elegant look that radiates class.

Red lips

Make a lasting impression with classic red lips. Get the perfect pouty lips with these simple tricks. Apply lipstick with a lip brush so it doesn’t look smeared out. If you want an intense color, start by filling in the lips with a lip liner and then apply a lipstick in the same shade. For more glossy lips, finish with a transparent lip gloss. 


The eyeliner became popular in the 60´s and beauty icons such as Sophia Loren and Bridget Bardot, who will always be associated with this seductive look. Combine with pale or red lips, depending on whether you want a modern or a more retro inspired result. Oriflame’s Global Beauty Artistic Director Jonas Wramell shares his best tip: “Paint a line along the upper lash line, working it out in the outer corner of the eye. In order to have a dramatic effect, pull the line out and up. Practice makes perfect!” 

Smokey eyes 

This eye makeup trend has become a true classic in recent years, and this fall it's hotter than ever. The secret behind a sultry result is to let the eye shadows blend into each other. Shade out the shadows up and out for a nice lift. Remember to wipe out and get a smooth transition between the eyeliner and shadows too. Top the look with black mascara. 

Red nails 

Red nail polish is a quick and easy way to give your style a luxurious touch. Bold red is a timeless color that is equally suited to the party dress as the simple everyday style. A classic color that will never go out of fashion, the only change we will see are ongoing, updated versions of this immensely timeless shade.