Your home nail salon

Neat and well-kept nails are a true sign of an elegant woman. Discover 4 easy steps to achieve a beauty salon-level manicure!

Sometimes all it takes to feel confident is a classy manicure. It can be a finishing touch on your outfit or a rebellious statement – the sky’s the limit, provided you have proper canvas to work with. That’s why healthy nails are a must.

Make sure your nails have all the necessary nutrients. With Hair & Nail NutriComplex you will supplement them with all the substances necessary for them to grow flawless and strong. You can also help directly, by strengthening and conditioning your nails with The ONE 5-in-1 Nail Serum. It’s especially effective in case they are weak and brittle.

After you prepared the foundation for the long-term healthy condition of your nails, it’s time to lay the groundwork for the actual transformation. If you have previously painted your nails, you will need The ONE Nail Polish Remover as well as Cotton Pads. This acetone-free nail polish remover is guaranteed to get rid of even the dark shades without leaving residue and is enriched with moisturising ingredients, including Sweet Almond Oil and caring Vitamin E.

Next, it’s time to show your nails some extra care. The ONE Bi-phase Nail & Cuticle Oil employs ingredients such as Argan Oil and Cucumber Water for dual-action effect. Shake the bottle and apply the oil to clean nails, then massage it into the cuticles as well. Your fingers will look heathier and your manicure will be all the more presentable for it.

For a long-lasting colour, start with a proper base coat that will prolong the life of your manicure. The ONE Base & Top Coat primes and shields your nail plate from staining. Don’t forget to apply it over your colour layer to extend its wear by up to 3 days*!

After applying base coat, you are finally ready for the pièce de résistance – a wonderfully colourful Gloss N' Wear Nail Lacquer. Choose from 20 different, vivid hues and let your personality shine through. Manifest your style with colours such as Sweet Milk, Night Orchid or Mystic Aqua – and when in doubt, mix-and-match!

Taking proper care of your nails is not that big of a hassle, considering how striking well-manicured hands can look. They denote a person who is elegant and takes care to show their best side. Follow these steps to get beautiful, healthy and eye-catching nails and leave a great impression!

*Consumer tested. 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame