Get Your Iconic Matte Lip Look

The thrill of finding a unique and modern lipstick that makes you feel beautiful is hard to exaggerate. Even for a make-up lover like you. Find your iconic lip look with a modern matte finish and keep your lips feeling soft and ageless. Timeless, modern beauty in just a few strokes of colour.

GG’s Iconic Matte Liptstick comes in beautifully pigmented mattifying shades that moisturise, soften and enhance your lips. They glide on with rich pigment colour in one stroke and give you a soft -as- velour matte finish that feels supple and is hydrating to wear. Pick a shade that you love, that resonates with your unique colouring or simply goes well with your favourite wardrobe staples. And if you want different shades for different occasions and events, there’s a modern and dynamic range of flattering colour to select from.

I began with the obvious– a classic red that breathes office day sophistication and matches my skin tone and dark hair. The shade simply made sense and gave me a classic look with modern energy that I can wear every day and evening. Create Your iconic lip look with a modern twist and care for your lips at the same time.

Velour Matte? What’s that? The long-lasting colour mattifies the lipstick from the moment you apply and gives your lips a smooth and creamy texture. This beauty equation is hard to believe, but it adds up with the help of Forget-me-not Extract, a natural ingredient with as many as five recognised benefits, including essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Your lips feel nourished, protected, smoothed, conditioned. Cared for- despite the fashionable matte finish.

The lipstick’s Natural Oil Blend with Extra Virgin Argan Oil and Italian Apple Oil is sourced from the Italian Alps and carefully selected for its rich fatty acids and vitamins. Known for– you guessed it – protecting and nourishing.

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