Travel Beauty Smart

We all love holidays, but sitting on a plane for hours and arriving with dehydrated skin, breakouts and feeling bloated is not an ideal start of the vacation. By prepping your skin before as well as during the trip you will feel just as fresh and fabulous as always – we let you know how.

Apply a deep moisturizing mask the night before to get that extra boost. Prep your skin the same day by applying a rich moisturizing cream and bring it with you on the plane in case you feel the need to reapply. The chances of your makeup looking the same after spending hours on a plane are small - keep your look clean and don’t let layers of makeup combined with dry plane air cause even more damage to your skin. If you don’t want to arrive feeling completely bare, bring some products onboard and apply just before landing.


Salty peanuts and alcohol may be tempting while onboard, but it will definitely not benefit your skin. Drink water to stay hydrated and choose more healthy snack options such as fruits and veggies, don’t be reluctant to bring your own snack – the onboard selection doesn’t usually go hand in hand with nutrition.

Don’t forget to keep moving and stretch your body, it will stimulate your circulation which not only benefits your body but also minimizes the risk of getting puffy and tired eyes. Don’t forget your lip balm; you will most definitely need it at some point. Just like before taking off, use an extra rich moisturizing cream once you have arrived to help your skin get back to normal as quickly as possible.


Bon Voyage!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images