Top Summer Fragrances – The Complete List

Update your fragrance wardrobe- and boost your mood – with a fresh new perfume! Meet Oriflame Global Marketing Director, Fragrance, Christine Dercourt-Simmonds, as she shares how to select the perfect summer fragrance.

This summer, we love fragrances inspired by local farmer’s markets. Try a feminine mix of pink roses, fruity melons or seductive notes, with hints of dark chocolate! Like many of us, you may find you tend to stick to one or two perfumes you feel comfortable with, while still hankering after something new. We asked Christine to provide her smartest tips on giving your scent style a boost… without losing your personal touch!

What are the most important factors women and men should think of when picking the best scent for the summer?
 – It’s the same approach for summer as for winter. The best way to start is to list the fragrances you’ve bought over the last three or four years. There’s a strong chance quite a lot of the scents on your list will come from one and the same olfactive family (Editor’s note: a classification that divides the fragrances into different types; for example, floral, fruity, woody, oriental and so on). Top Summer Fragrances

– So stick to your favourite, but go for a fresher side of that olfactive family in the summer. When it’s hot outside, you want to feel refreshed!

What are the biggest perfume trends for women this summer?
 – Fruity scents are the new big thing! Red and yellow fruits such as pineapple, mango, peach and melon are very popular.

Eclat Weekend: A fruity scent with a peachy top note.
– Florals are another trend, especially transparent and light floral scents to develop volume and diffusion. This comes through the use of white florals and delicate rose petals, such as soliflores.


A new interpretation of roses with a more ‘petally’ effect.

A light floral heart with hints of red pepper.

A feminine mix with a six petal orchid heart.

Top Summer Fragrances

And what are the trends for men?
 – Fresh and aromatic scents are the big trend for guys. Go for a mix of notes, such as citrus, fizzy lemon, fresh spices, crunchy greens, mouthwatering fruits and energetic aromatics. They all have a reassuring, masculine structure. Try a juicy melon in the top note to unlock a real burst of freshness!

– Inspired by the Middle East, oriental scents are becoming more and more popular in male fragrances. Experience timeless freshness in a masculine mix of coriander, fresh cedrat, and himalayan tea, combined with jasmine flowers and sensual tonka beans. Sleek, modern and oriental.

Eclat Homme

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team