The power of nature: Let’s deal with breakouts!

Never wanted and always appearing when you least expect them – breakouts! Check the new Love Nature Purifying Face Oil and deal with them naturally.

Your problem: Breakouts   
Does your skin get greasy and shiny quickly? Does it show enlarged pores? If you answer yes to these questions, you most probably have oily skin. Oily skin is especially prone to acne and breakouts, due to excessive production of sebum clogging the pores. Breakouts can also appear due to hormonal fluctuations, stress, poor diet or lack of hygiene. While taking care of this factors should be on top of your self-care list, we give you a natural solution to deal with breakouts quickly.  

Your solution: Purifying oil  
Love Nature Purifying Face Oil deals with your breakouts thanks to this powerful duo of the organic tea tree oil and lime. It helps target blemishes, purifies and soothes skin and works to tone and tighten pores. 
Soothing tea tree 
Known for its deeply cleansing properties, the organic tea tree oil fights blemishes and helps keep your skin moisturized.   

Uplifting lime  
When you think lime, you think refreshment! It puts energy back to your skin and at the same time will tone and mattify it.  

Did you know? 
We sourced our hand-picked limes from the sun-soaked state of Colima, located on Mexico’s Pacific coast so they’re of highest quality! 

How to use it? 
Dab directly onto blemishes when they first appear avoiding eye area.  

Add this oil to your beauty must-haves and enjoy beautiful skin, without surprises, every day! 
Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame