10 Easy Beauty Tips for Surviving the Holidays in Style!

The Festive Season is approaching and, before you know it, you will be rushing from one seasonal event to another, like a maniac. With this hectic period ahead: how do we manage to look our best throughout every family party and cocktail reception? To help you survive the Holidays, we have gathered 10 of our favourite easy beauty fixes.

1. Especially in the winter, make a habit out of carrying a multitasking balm in your purse. Great for soothing anything from a red nose to flaky lips or dry cuticles.

2. If you have a reception or party straight after work:  plan your makeup in the morning, and carry your game changing makeup with you so that it is easy to upgrade for the evening. Go for big eyes; and enhance your look with contouring, strong brows and a bold lipstick.

3. After applying lipstick, make your lips look fuller by swiftly smoothing a coat of lipgloss at the centre of your pout. Finish off with a touch of light concealer just above the cupids bow.

4. To open up your eyes that extra bit, and get truly flirty lashes: try heating the eyelash curler, with a hair dryer (and let cool off briefly), before use. You wouldn’t use a styling iron cold, would you?

5. A great quick-fix to look fresher and less puffy is to apply concealer in a triangular shape (pointing downwards) underneath your eye. Gives you an instant, non-invasive mini-lift.

6. Well-kept nails really makes an immense difference to your looks. To reduce the Holiday stress, why not opt for long lasting nail polish? These polishes last a lot longer than regular lacquers - and is very low maintenance. You’ll save plenty of time!

7. Texturising products and dry shampoo will be your best friends to create stylish and effortless hairdos. Avoid washing your hair too often, since that always makes it more difficult to coiffe.

8. Try mismatching finger and toe nails (as opposed to wearing the same colour on both.Think of your nails as a punchy accessory, and do not hesitate to colour-block fingernails with your dress.

9. Late nights, alcohol and caloric food is fun - to an extent. To feel and look fresher throughout the Holidays: make sure to drink plenty of water during the day; and catch up on sleep whenever you can.

10. A trick if you didn’t get a great nights sleep is using a highlighter or a shimmer eye shadow at the inner corner of your eye to open it up. Add white eyeliner in the water line for enhanced effect. Makes you immediately look fit and alert!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team