How to Stay Chic in the Heat

Hot weather and humidity can play havoc with your skin, hair and makeup. But don’t worry, you can beat the heat with our guide to keeping cool when the temperatures rise.

On a basic level, the best way to avoid breakouts caused by sweat, pollution and makeup is to cleanse properly. A cleansing device will help you reach deep into your pores, whilst a toner will sweep away any hard-to-get-at dirt. If you’re prone to summer breakouts, try a mineral-rich clay mask that will sooth inflammation, tighten pores and draw impurities from the skin. And tackle shine throughout the day with blotting papers – they’re easy to slip into your purse and absorb oil in an instant.

Going from air conditioning to hot and humid weather means one thing to the frizz-prone: instant bad hair day. Try a leave-in treatment designed to smooth over unruliness, or rake a serum through your hair to tame it. It’s worth carrying a dry shampoo around with you to soak up any excess moisture too.

Cream, wax and oil-based makeup is likely to melt in hot temperatures leaving you with a less-than-perfect look. In the summer, we recommend trading heavy cream and mineral makeup for long-wear, liquid formulas - think BB and CC cream rather than foundation. As humidity can destabilise creamy blushes and eye shadows, dust lightweight powders onto your skin – applying a primer first will help them “stick”. And finally, avoid panda eyes with a perspiration-proof mascara – our Editor’s favourite is The One 5-in-1 Wonderlash Waterproof Mascara.

Warm weather can mean that your face arms, chest and legs are more exposed to the sun than normal. And as we know, the sun’s UVA and UVB rays are not only potentially cancerous, they age your skin too. In the winter, the SPF in your day cream probably suffices, but in the summer layer a sunscreen over it. You can now buy specialised anti-ageing UV protectors that are designed with your face in mind. And when it comes to your body use a fast-absorbing, non-sticky formula.

Some people sweat more than others, but we can probably all agree that sweat patches are embarrassing. Patting talcum powder onto sweat-prone areas will absorb perspiration and when it comes to your feet, nothing beats an anti-perspirant foot cream. Find a deodorant that works for your body in the summer – after all, it probably behaves a bit differently when it’s warm. And prevent uncomfortable odours by wearing linen and cotton. That’s the heat, beat.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images