Mature Beauty: Skin, Body and Beauty

Aging is inevitable - everyone gets wrinkles. And we say: Embrace it! You look stunning regardless. But we also acknowledge that as our bodies and skin change with time, we need new beauty tricks. So here’s a look at some of our best tips for mature skin.

One of the most common beauty issues we deal with, as we age, is increasingly dry skin. The dryness is a result of two physical changes: our bodies produce fewer natural lipids that slow down water loss and the skin-renewal process slows down. These changes lead to a drop in both collagen and elastin. To tackle dryness, you need to stimulate circulation and bring fresh skin to the surface. Here exfoliation is your best friend! Use a scrub and loofah in the shower twice a week. Then make sure to moisturize your whole body afterwards to keep your skin smooth and soft. And don’t forget your hands! Apply a rich moisturising hand cream every day, especially after you wash your hands. For extra nourishment, apply hand cream right before going to bed. We promise that your hands will feel wonderful the next morning.

As we age, collagen fibres start to stiffen and break apart, which results in lines, wrinkles, dry skin and age spots. Therefore, it’s important to invest more time into your skin care and find really good products that suit you. Go for products that make your skin feel nourished all the way through your skin care routine. Also, look for key ingredients such as Genistein Soy and Ribwort Plant Stem Cells. These ingredients help to hydrate your skin and improve all signs of hormonal aging. They also increase your skin’s elasticity, and reduce wrinkles and age spots. So start with a cleanser that purifies, deeply cleanses and preserves your skin’s moisture balance. Then use a serum and day cream during the day, and a rich night cream to restore your skin while you sleep.

Did you know that uneven skin tone can make you appear even older than what wrinkles do? Therefore, it’s crucial to create a flawless base. Primers and foundation are your go-to makeup products for mature skin. After you have applied your moisturiser, start with a primer. It sits underneath your makeup, and helps to smooth the surface of your skin and keep your makeup in place. Then use an foundation and concealer to camouflage age spots, blemishes and under-eye shadows. A general rule of thumb for the rest of your makeup is to avoid glitter. Glitter has a tendency to emphasize crow’s feet and wrinkles. Instead, use a matte highlighter or eye shadow on the brow bones and add some colour to your brows to create definition. Then add a pop of pink or peach-toned blusher for that extra glow!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images