How to Pick the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to lipsticks, there are some guidelines that can make you look even more fabulous. A great lipstick makes you feel complete, but the lipstick that complements your skin tone takes you to the next level. Then, let's find your lipstick match!

1. Orange-Reds, Corals, and Peachy Tones
Do you have a neutral or warm skin tone? Then orange-based peachy colours are your statement colours. But especially for the dark skins, this colour range is a free-for-all!

2. Purple-shaded Undertones, Plum, and Wine Reds
Thrill and delight! We are 100% sure that these charismatic purple-shaded undertones, plums and true reds were born to flatter cool skins.

3. Rosy pinks and Nudes with Pink Undertones
Your Highness! If you have cool skin, the days you feel like a princess are the days you go with the true pinks.

4. Blue-toned Pinks, Cool and Classic Reds
Rise and shine, cool skins! If someone gives you blue-toned shades or classic reds, you can conquer the world!

5. Deep Browns and Burgundy
People with warmer skin tones look gorgeous in darker shades but especially in burgundy which is a mix of red, brown and a little bit of blue – highly sophisticated!

So, when your lipstick match your skin tone, only good things can come of it. But don't forget that make-up is an adventure, dare to experiment! If you are looking for a playmate, meet our new The ONE Colour Stylist Ultimate Lipstick range! What could be more delightful than a lipstick with 26 shades?

Quick skin tone guide:
Your skin undertone is not about how light or dark your skin is, it’s about the colours that comes from underneath your skin that affects the overall tone.
Cool: Bluish, pink or a rosy complexion.
Warm: Hints of yellow, peachy or golden.
Neutral: No obvious undertones, same as your actual skin tone.

Words by: Photographs by: Robert Berggren