How to Pick a Perfume for Your Man

You want to surprise your man with a new perfume, but find it hard to choose a scent. How will you know if it suits him? Don't worry! We have created the perfect guide to help you select a fragrance based on his personality. Keep reading to find out more!

He’s a traditional and confident man who loves the classics. Perfume helps him feel empowered and fresh, both at work and in his spare time. So go for an aromatic and refreshing scent with a truly masculine feel.
His fragrance families: Aromatic and Citrus
Fragrances for him: Eclat Homme

He’s a fashionable trendsetter who loves to stand out in a crowd. No wonder he wants a unique, vibrant perfume that leaves a lasting impression. Choose an edgy perfume with woody notes and fruit or grass for an unforgettable scent.
His fragrance families: Woody and Aromatic
Fragrances for him: Possess Man, Flamboyant

He’s a charismatic, creative man with sophisticated taste. Wearing perfume is a way for him to indulge the senses and feel more attractive. His ideal perfumes are exotic, aromatic and mysterious.
His fragrance families: Oriental and Woddy
Fragrances for him: Giordani Gold Man, Happydisiac, So Fever for Him

He’s a laid-back, relaxed man with an appetite for adventure. So, he wears perfume to feel good and get a dose of stimulating energy every day. Look for light perfumes with a natural touch and clean scent.
His fragrance families: Citrus and Woody
Fragrances for him: Men’s Collection Citrus Tonic, Men’s Collection Dark Wood

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images