Find the Perfect Lipstick Shade for You!

Ever seen a beautiful shade of lipstick on a friend, only to find that it looks awful on you? Well, you’re not alone! Determining which shade suits you best takes more than just finding a pretty colour. Lipsticks look very different on different people, due to the undertone of our skin. So, keep reading to find your skin tone and the best shades to match!

Your skin is very pale (almost translucent) and may have some freckles or redness. You easily burn in the sun, and tend to get red before you go tan. An easy trick to see if your skin tone is cool, is to look at the veins in your wrist. If they look blue then you know. You can also tell by doing the jewellery test – cool skin tones look better in silver than gold.

Now, to the big question – what colours suit you best? With a cool tone you should go for lipstick shades with blue or purple undertones. So, when you choose a red lip, steer away from the orangey shades and move more toward the deep bluish reds. Also, be careful with shades that are too light - they can make you look washed out. However, you will look radiant in bold, deep colours that provide contrast to your skin tone.

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Your skin is medium dark and tends to tan easily. It’s not uncommon for you to look tan in winter too. You could also have very dark skin that never gets sunburned. Looking at your wrist, your veins have a greenish colour. And if you do the jewellery test, then gold complements your skin better than what silver does.

So, what lipstick shades suit warm tones? The rule is fairly easy: warm colours look best on you. For red shades that means intensely red and orangey colours. If your skin tone is very dark, choose a berry lip colour or a bold, dark shade to amp up your look.

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If you have difficulty deciding whether your veins are blue or green, you’re likely to have a neutral skin tone. And if this is the case – then lucky you! This means that you can choose colours from both the cool and warm spectrum. That means any colour you want! People with olive skin tend to have neutral undertones.

Like we mentioned above, neutral skin tones look good with a wide range of colours. If you feel like your skin tone has more of an olive look, then pinks, nudes and corals will suit you well.

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And one last thing. What lipstick shade you wear is ultimately up to you. If you feel like you look your best in a coral shade, but just learned that it goes against the “rules” - ignore them! You do you. At the end of the day, we all feel our prettiest when we’re the most confident!