Find the Best Coloured Makeup for your Skin Tone

By now you’ve probably worked out what your skin tone is, but that doesn’t mean you know what makeup to pair with it. Follow our definitive colour guide to getting it right every time.

You have: FAIR SKIN
Blonde or red hair, pale skin that burns easily and freckles, blue or green eyes.
Wear: Concealer with blue undertones to diffuse dark, under-eye circles. Soft pink or coral blushes that give the appearance of flushed cheeks. Earthy, beige tones for eyes and brown eye liner and mascara. Lipsticks with peach undertones.
Avoid: Heavy bronzers that can make you look orange, or very pale or frosted colours that can wash you out and make skin appear sallow.

Your must-have: The ONE IlluSkin Blush

Blond or brown hair, skin that tans golden and occasionally burns, dark eyebrows and lashes.
Wear: Look for a blush with apricot tones to warm cheeks. Highlight eyes with gold and jewel tones like emerald, royal blue and plum. Choose basic nude lipsticks in taupe, or brighten lips with rose and soft reds.
Avoid: Using silver to highlight, (choose gold instead) as it can make skin appear ashen.

Your must-have: Giordani Gold Eyeshadow Quad Radiant Plum

Black or dark brown hair, skin with yellow undertones, dark, almond-shaped eyes.
Wear: Nude blushes to contour and lift facial features, without creating any stark lines. Open-up monolids with champagne-coloured highlighters at the brow bone and inner-corners, and a palette of chocolate browns for definition - a jet-black volumising mascara is a must. Deep berry colours will make lips pop.
Avoid: Heavy black makeup that can make eyes appear smaller.

Your must have: The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara in Black

You have: OLIVE SKIN
Black or dark brown hair, skin with green undertones that’s naturally tanned and rarely burns, brown eyes.
Wear: Blushes with mauve and rose-coloured undertones to balance green undertones. Aubergine, cobalt blue, copper and gold to highlight brown eyes. Cherry, brown rose, berry and wine tones on your lips.
Avoid: Orange-toned bronzers that can look clownish – embrace your natural glow!

Your must have: The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick in Red Passion

Black hair, dark skin with warm undertones, dark eyes and features.
Wear: Both your cheeks and lips will look radiant in nude pinks, soft browns and corals, but for a high-impact look try a lipstick in dark plum or wine red. For highlighting dark eyes, choose teal, rose gold and saffron shades.
Avoid: Neon colours

Your must have: The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow in Rose Gold

You have: EBONY SKIN
Jet black hair and deep, dark skin that never visibly burns, almost black eyes.
Wear: Cranberry, orange or fuchsia blushes make ebony skin tones “pop!” For a neutral lip, chocolate shades work best, or trial a red, purple or glossy pink lipsticks. Gold, bronze tones or jewel-tones look radiant on eyes, as do flashes of aquamarine.
Avoid: White eye shadows that can make skin appear ashy.

Your must have: Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in Warm Coral

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images