Fall Back in Love With Your Natural Hair

Are you tired of dyeing your hair and want to go back to your original colour? Then we have some great tips for how to make that change. Check out this 4-step guide.

1. Find Inspiration on Social Media
Going back to natural hair can feel scary for some. So, to help you find courage, we suggest you find a few natural hair divas on social media. YouTube tutorials and Instagram celebs can give you the inspiration needed to love natural hair colours again.

2. Treat and Restore
Once you’ve decided to go back to your roots (pun intended), start with a little TLC. If you’ve been hiding your hair in breakage-prone braids, updos and product-intense styles, treat yourself to a new caring regimen.

Start every shower with a moisturising shampoo, a rich conditioner and a hair mask. This will help you restore your hair’s natural texture and help repair any damage. Once out of the shower, apply a leave-in oil to help seal in moisture. This makes your hair soft and manageable.

3. Make the Transition
Now you might think: “Hang on a second – transitioning back to my natural colour must take years?” Not necessarily! All you have to do, is to let your roots grow back and then pick a hair dye to match. This way, the difference between your natural colour and the dye job will not be as intense. Still this won’t happen overnight – expect to invest two to four months.

4. Trim Often
After transitioning to your original colour, it’s crucial to follow up with regular trims. A good rule of thumb is to trim your ends every three to four weeks. Then, slowly but very surely, you will get rid of your chemically-altered hair and enjoy the sensation of natural hair.

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