Beauty Tips for Holi

Holi – the festival of colours is here! Amidst all the fun and festivity, what bothers people most is how to deal with skin and hair issues caused by the rampant use of artificial colours. Here’s how to avoid these problems with a little care!

Obviously, your face is the most affected part of the body. It tends to get dry and rough after being smeared with colours. In severe cases of damage to the skin, it might also feel irritable. We know you don’t want to stay away from colours on this day, so here’s how to avoid the hassle: apply a very thick layer of moisturiser and sunscreen before you step out to play. This will hinder the colour from seeping in deep and the SPF will protect you from damaging UV rays.

Dry hair and scalp can lead colours to penetrate deep into the roots and leave stains. Make sure that you have oiled both properly before the celebration starts.

Drench yourself in coconut oil from head to toe. Alternatively, you can also apply a thick layer of heavy creams like a cold cream, body cream or the Tender Care balm.

Apply a bright nail colour and seal the polish with a coat of The ONE Base & Top Coat for further protection.

A thorough head to toe wash is essential to get rid of the chemical colours, grime and dirt. Use a gentle gel wash or cream based cleanser when cleaning your face. Do not scrub too hard!

For hair wash, use a mild shampoo and let it stay on for a little while before washing it off. To restore your hair’s natural softness, shine and vitality apply the Milk & Honey Gold Hair Mask.

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