Skincare for every age

Discover the best secrets to younger-looking skin at every age!

Our skin is constantly changing, and as time marches on not all of these changes are welcome! But by choosing the right skincare products, we can keep our skin looking great at every age, says Oriflame’s skincare expert, Holly Grenfell. “By limiting the effects of sun damage, pollution, weather exposure and using good skincare products, we can actually slow down the aging process.”


20s “In our 20’s the primary concern is about achieving balanced skin and sometimes dealing with the blemishes that can result from late nights, stressful studies or even a bit too much partying, smoking or sun.”

“Establish a good skincare routine NOW and it’ll pay off later! It’s not about expensive super serums - basic things like removing makeup at night and avoiding the sun will help. Look for light antioxidant day creams and a cleanser to suit your skin type.”



30s “By the age of 30, skin-firming collagen and elastin levels are just beginning to fall, causing fine lines.  It can be an intense period, juggling a career and family life, often resulting in puffy eyes, dark circles and dehydration.”

“Choose an effective but gentle cleanser and exfoliants like hydroxy acids to slough away dulling dead skin and restore youthful radiance. Look for creams with UV protection and collagen-boosters like plant stem cell concentrates.”



40s “By 40, our skin is responding to hormonal changes, gravity and past sun exposure. Pigmentation is a major concern and fine lines become wrinkles as collagen and elastin continue to break down.”

“It’s time to invest in a richer day cream to counter dryness which makes lines even more visible. Correct sun damage and boost cell turnover with retinol and a lift-and-repair night cream to aid skin’s natural regeneration while you sleep.”




50s “In our 50s skin loses fat and volume, and as much as 20% of our collagen will have gone for good. Skin can look ‘crepey’ and lines may deepen as hormonal changes result in dryer skin.”

“Use a rich moisturizer day and night to prevent water loss and counteract potential dry skin irritation. Invest in an eye cream specially formulated for corrective action and to super nourish delicate eye tissue.”




“Apply eye cream with your ring finger and pat gently in towards the nose to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness – rubbing can cause wrinkles!”

“Skincare doesn’t stop at the face – your décolletage will show signs of ageing with wrinkles, discolouration and sun sensitivity. Slather on SPF and well chosen body cleansers and moisturizers with similar ingredients as you would use on your face.”

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