Ask The Expert – The Hottest Makeup For A/w 2014

Learn about the best autumn makeup trends! Here our Global Artistic Director Jonas Wramell shares his favourites.

Jonas, what are the big makeup trends for this autumn/winter?
‘As always, we are seeing several different trends in the shows, but relatively few will get picked up and become wearable. The trends I believe in are the soft berry lips and – in contrast – the very orange lips, which might be a bit more difficult to wear.

What look should I go for if I want to try orange lips?
‘Oddly enough, orange is such an “off” colour that it works for almost everyone. It doesn’t fade into the background. The colour stands out so much to begin with that it works with almost anything and any style,’ Jonas assures us, ‘from rocker girls in leather looks and flirty flower girls in pretty dresses.’ To make the most out of it, keep your hair and makeup simple. Your orange lips will then be a stunning detail – almost like an accessory!

What should I keep in mind if I want soft berry lips?
Soft berry is more of the natural look of the season, in contrast to the orange, bolder alternative. If you want to go for the soft berry you have to be fairly specific about the colour you choose, the shade and the structure – it’s all about making the most out of your look and your features.

What skin finish should we be looking for?
‘Skin follows the climate. In the spring we use lighter products, while we want more coverage during the winter. Aim for a velvet, powdered, flawless finish. Go for a very natural base and adjust it depending on the needs of your skin.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images & All Over Press