Meet the Scientists: Emily Whelan

We’re extremely proud of our scientists and their extensive skills and experience. They’re the ones who make sure that all of your Oriflame products are as safe as can be, while delivering the amazing results they promise. We’re featuring Emily Whelan, our Director of Colour Technologies and Front-End Technology.

What is your role at Oriflame?
I’m responsible for the translation of the latest scientific insights and global trends into our innovative colour cosmetic formulations, e.g. lipsticks and foundations. It’s exciting to be able to introduce advanced technologies into our colour products.

Can you describe the journey that led you to Oriflame?
After studying Biotechnology in University, I began my career in Oriflame as a Graduate Formulation Chemist.

I was captivated by the world of formulation science and how by specially blending ingredients we can create a formula that has the power to enhance natural beauty and wellbeing, changing how someone feels about themselves.

What are you currently working on?
Now we are investigating the field of Neurocosmetics – the connection between the body and brain. We are creating innovative technologies that will deliver multi-sensorial experiences – from touch, to smell, to sight to taste.

What are you proud of?
I was the first chemist in Oriflame to fuse patented skin care technology with make-up to create an entirely new product combination – our award-winning skin caring EverLasting Foundation, a line of make-up with strong skin care benefits. There is now a big trend of fusion cosmetics on the market, so it was fantastic to be part of a project that was so revolutionary in the beauty world.